M-100 Tube Mosfet Transformer

Inputs 1 XLR ; 2 RCA
Speakers 4, 6, 8, 16 Ohms
Vacuum tube complement 2 x 12AU7 ; 2 x EL84
Output Power (per channel) 8 Ohms : 40W CLASS A / 120W CLASS AB
4 Ohms : 60W CLASS A / 160W CLASS AB
Frequency response 7Hz – 90kHz (-3dB)
Input Sensitivity 300mV
Input Impedance 100kOhms
Power Requirements 230V
Power Consumption 420W
Dimensions (W x D x H) 45 x 35 x 22 (cm) (2 block)
Weight 32kgs + 30kgs
Standard/High Dynamic Switch Yes
Strong/Soft Bass Switch Yes
Remote control Included
OPTIONAL DAC DAC 32bit / 384kHz (ES9038)
1x SPDIF (RCA) input
1x optical input for TV etc.
1x USB (DSD 512) or 1 x BT 5.0 Aptx HD
OPTIONAL Phono MM 1 RCA input MM 48dB
OPTIONAL Phono MM/MC 1 RCA input MM 48dB / MC 68dB


MAVIS’s Tube Mosfet Transformer is a hybrid tube amplification product line
designed Single-Ended Class A for input and driver stage,
using Mosfet and Output Transformer for power stage.

The hybrid tube amplification includes Master Series and Reference Series.

MAVIS’s hybrid tube amplification exploits the emotional sound of the tube and the high power of solid state amplification. This design achieves both wonderful sound quality and an ability of well controlling all frequencies. Therefore, MAVIS’s hybrid tube amplification is extremely a good choice for reproducing all genres of music as correct and natural as possible as well as a great companion for all Hi Fi and High End loudspeakers. Also, with its flexibility and multi-functionality, MAVIS’s hybrid tube amplification brings an outstanding convenience in connecting and combining with many types of player including both analog devices and streamers. This brings to the user a diversity of playing with many types of high resolution music sources.



After a long journey in researching and developing various tube amplification designs from 2006 until today, our target in New Generation hybrid tube amplification design is taking advantage of great achievements of tube amplification designs researched and developed by our R&D team. Accordingly, all engineering applications and combinations of tubes and components are optimized to get the best sound that we define as natural, correct and emotional sound reproduction.


– Zero Feedback

Our designers have seen that many designs of hybrid amplification today are popular with a combination of a tube pre-amplifier and solid stage power amplifier with many amplification stages. This design solution usually uses too much feedback, which reduces the natural and detail of the original sound, making the reproduced sound become hard, dry and less emotional. Using too much feedback for the amplification has more negative results than its benefit for the sound reproduction. Therefore, in the MAVIS’s Master Series hybrid tube amplifiers, we limit maximum feedback in amplifying to achieve the most natural and correct sound.

Indeed, Zero Feedback is one top of our criteria when designing amplifiers. This engineering method preserves the naturalness of the sound, so that the music is conveyed most faithfully and emotionally.


– Using Output Transformer and Interstage Transformer in hybrid tube amplification

Output Transformer (OPT) and Interstage Transformer (IT) are always known as a very high cost component that is often used in high end tube amplifiers. This component is also the best choice in tube amplification design to get the most natural and high fidelity sound quality. In the world at present time, the MAVIS’s Tube Mosfet Transformer amplifiers are the unique hybrid tube amplifiers using both OPT and IT. Our technology of OPT and IT has been researched and developed for many years since 2008 until now and these are the very important components that contribute to the best sound quality of our all tube amplifier and hybrid tube amplifier today. Our OPT and IT are made in-house by the highly skilled technicians.



– Assembling the hybrid tube amplifier by Point-to-Point method

Point-to-point is a very high cost method of assembling amplifiers because this method requires a lot of labour time and high skilled technicians. In return, the advantages of this method are the great durability and stable operation of the device so this method is often applied in producing high end tube amplifiers. Mavis’s all Tube Mosfet Transformer Amplifiers are assembled by point-to-point and this is an outstanding standard for the MAVIS’s hybrid tube amplifier.



The M100 is a two-block high power hybrid tube amp model with extremely excellent sound control.

The M100 uses SIX (6) LARGE OPTs including FOUR (4) Output Transformer and TWO (2) Interstage Transformer in the amplifier circuitry, a typical characteristic of MAVIS Master Series hybrid tube amp models. This is the most prominent and distinctive solution in the electronic design of the MAVIS’s hybrid tube amplifier.

The big size and heavy weight of OPTs creates a greatly quiet and clean, warm and sweet sound for the M100. While the emotion and naturalness of the sound is wonderfully preserved thanks to optimal exploit of tube amplification with very detailed and sophisticated high frequency, warm and clear mid-range, the mosfet power stage controls the low frequency super good with a very deep and coherent bass. These strengths make M100 sophistically and musically perform the music and the listeners are sure to be sunk in the best music experience.

This model can well control low-sensitivity speakers 85-90dB in small and medium-sized listening rooms. With speakers with a high sensitivity of over 90dB, the M100 can even play well with the loudspeaker having a large bass driver and in listening rooms up to 50-100 square meters.


– Driver Stage:

– The input and voltage amplifier stages use all 12AU7, EL84 tubes which are the best tube combination for the smooth, sweet and warm, emotional and natural sound. The voltage amplification using electronic tubes works in Class A Single-ended with an operation mode designed with a different mindset to combine the detailed, soaring sound of the first stage 12AU7 tube and the warm, seductive sound of second stage 12AU7 tube. The audio signal after passing through these stages is polished cleanly and smoothly.

– EL84 tube, a small power tube known for its distinctive warm sound, is used to amplify the current and control the power stage. Therefore, the sound is extremely seductive and emotional.

– Interstage Transformer (IT) and signal phase inversion is used to link the EL84 driver stage and Mosfet power stage. This way has the advantage of isolating the driver stage and power stage, making the stages operate separately and stably. IT is the optimal solution for the most stable and almost absolute balanced signal. In addition, using IT is always the top choice of experienced designers to achieve the finest quality of the musicality.


– Power Stage:

– Using Input-to-Output Balanced Circuit is the advantage of this design,which is excellent stability, low noise and very low distortion.

– The sound is more clean and detailed when the speaker output is True Balanced, so the two speaker terminals (+) and (-) are not connected to the Ground (GND) of the power supply.


This amplifier uses true balanced outputs.

DO NOT connect the speaker outputs to ground under any circumstance.



After a process of studying and experiencing real live music as well as through our research projects on amplifying the live music performances on high-end sound systems, recording and producing music, we find that music genres are really diverse and each genre will have its own characteristics of musicality and sound. In addition, depending on the culture, the specific music genre of each different culture, the listener has a difference in listening habits. Also, depending on the listeners age, music experience and personal favorite of music genres, the music need and sound taste of each listener will be different from the other. Indeed, each person will have his or her own needs in enjoying the music.

Accordingly, in addition to the sound that is reproduced properly and naturally by our sound philosophy and standards, some customization features are added to give the user an opportunity to choose the right sound mode to match the music genres, preferences, listening room conditions and combined devices to bring the most satisfying music experience to listeners. The users have complete flexibility to choose according to their personal preferences for their music and listening conditions.


Selection modes and sound characteristics:

– Standard & High Dynamic:

Standard Standard sound mode has dynamic balance sound. This mode is suitable for most music genres.
High Dynamic Sound mode is enhanced with high dynamics. This mode is suitable for epic music with fast tempo, strong like epic symphony, rock, the sound in action movies, etc.

– Soft Bass & Strong Bass:

Soft Bass This mode is suitable for lyrical, gentle music, vocal music, non-drum instruments and is suitable for listeners who do not need a lot of bass.
Strong Bass In contrast to Soft Bass, Strong Bass mode gives a fuller, deeper and more powerful Bass. This mode is suitable for epic music, especially those with the presence of large drums, most commonly found in grand symphonies played by the world’s leading large orchestras.





The M100 was developed with MAVIS’s goal in mind to maximize the music experience with a flexibility in terms of product functionality, usage and appearance. Accordingly, the M100 has up to FIVE options of UPGRADE versions based on the standard version so that users can choose the right one for their personal needs and music experience. These are the outstanding features of MAVIS’s Tube Mosfet Transformer amps. Diverse integration versions provide extremely useful customization and flexibility for different listening needs of users, and are easy to combine with existing equipment in the sound system.


M100 Options

Model & Versions The additional options are integrated on standard version Descriptions
M100-S Standard version – Inputs: 2 x RCA ; 1 x XLR

– Volume Remote Control

– Tubes: 2 x 12AU7  ;  2 x EL84 (6P15)

M100-DUSB DAC with an USB input – Inputs: 2 x RCA ; 1 x XLR

– Volume Remote Control

– Tubes: 2 x 12AU7  ;  2 x EL84 (6P15)

– DAC ES9038 (32bit/384kHz – DSD512) with display screen

– Additional inputs: USB – OPT – COAX

M100-DBT DAC with a Bluetooth input – Inputs: 2 x RCA ; 1 x XLR

– Volume Remote Control

– Tubes: 2 x 12AU7  ;  2 x EL84 (6P15)

– DAC ES9038 (32bit/384kHz – DSD512) with display screen

– Additional inputs: Bluetooth APTX 5.0 – OPT – COAX

M100-PMMC MM/MC Phono – Inputs: 2 x RCA ; 1 x XLR

– Volume Remote Control

– Tubes: 2 x 12AU7  ;  2 x EL84 (6P15)

– Phono MM/MC

– Additional inputs: 1 x RCA Phono MM/MC + switch

M100-SkyDMMC DAC and MM/MC Phono – Inputs: 2 x RCA ; 1 x XLR

– Volume Remote Control

– Tubes: 2 x 12AU7  ;  2 x EL84 (6P15)

– DAC ES9038 (32bit/384kHz – DSD512) with display screen

– Additional inputs with DAC: USB or Bluetooth APTX 5.0 – OPT – COAX

– Phono MM/MC

– Additional inputs of the phono: 1 x RCA Phono MM/MC + switch



M100 has a modern and eye-catching appearance with two VU on the front of the amp. This is a very nice product design with a combination of a little classic and modern elements. Tube replacement is also easy with the convenient removable front cover. The transparent tube protection front panels helps users observe the operation of the tubes as well as see their beauty.

The product also has an additional option of decoration outside the amplifier chassis. The amplifier can be decorated with wooden panels on two sides of the amp chassis. They can be flexibly attached to the sides of the amplifier with magnets. Flexible removable wooden panels on the M100 amp help increase the convenience for users in moving the device, preserving and cleaning the product. In addition, users can customize the look of the amplifier to match the interior and their audio system.

The amps can be flexibly stacked or placed side by side.


With wood decoration Without wood decoration


Wood decoration options


Demo video here


Demo video here


M100 amp drives ThivanLabs Grand Open in the systems using single amp or bi-amp.