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But that was also time again, time for men’s speaker: tall, strong and wide and with a horn on top. Only the name, he is a bit irritating, because sends clearly signals: Hereit is, except a lot of dynamics, also with a sensual sound.

Thivan Labs? Have you never heard of it? Well, me neither. That is now no great offense, is not it? The manufacturer comes from a completely different corner of the world, namely from Vietnam. And that again makes sense, because in this distant land seems a hi-fi boom to have broken out – Unfortunately, I can not read texts about it.

Thivan Labs is by its own admission since 10 years in the market and presents now with the Eros-9 Anniversary the first Speaker, focusing on the German market. Eckhard Derks, the TCG distribution deserves the honor to have this highly interesting sound converter discovered and made available to us.

To go back to mine Facebook friends: Their images show a tendency past the traditional HiFi Days, say small tube amp and big speakers with a lot of efficiency.

Accordingly, Thivan Labs currently offers three series models on speakers.
noteworthy is the big model Anteros-9, an open baffle with two fifteen-inchers for the low-mid range and a big AMT for the Tweeter. The setup is completed by two actively controlled low-frequency modules with one 21-inch driver each. There are also other open-baffle models.
More conventional, however, is the Eros 9 therefore, our test box.

It is a ported speaker with a classic PA assembly. That means: for the low midrange we have one fifteen inch driver with paper cone, a powerful drive and huge efficiency. The manufacturer’s information 98 dB, we can not quite confirm, but it’s a good 95 decibels.

For the treble range there is one set of a 1.4-inch compression driver, flanked by a 90×90 degree horn. That is at least a not very common combination; usually horns are broadly radiating in the horizontal direction with a much larger bundling in the vertical here is one that is very homogeneous in radiation.

To anticipate the mesuaring comment: That works very well! – The Eros-9 has a very homogeneous behavior.

The woofer has a comfortable big volume, so that together with the downward radiating pipe a very deep frequency is realized.

Mind you: we still do not speak here of a linear reproduction down to the 20 Hertz, but from a hard-hung PA diaphragm, with a huge efficiency.

After all, the ground-level transition from the port ensures very good bass volumes. You can with the height of adjustable spikes here vary a bit.

Speaking of spikes:
The accessories supplied with the Eros-9 are extraordinary- including the with magnetic force held covers for the submerged built-in woofer.

A remark on our measurements:
The Eros-9 recommends itself for operation with single-ended tube amplifiers.

And as with many of these and similar speakers there is no impedance linearization, so at the crossover frequency of the crossing frequency there is a clear hump. This means with the speaker on amplifiers with a low damping factor, like those mentioned tube ones, these regions sounds a bit louder in this area.

It is well known to most of our readers that the LP editors are also occupied with speaker development in the DIY sector I have a circuit from a coil, a capacitor and a resistor designed which, paralleled to the entrance terminals, equalizes the impedance and phase characteristic the box almost perfectly.

That should not be a criticism of the box and its developer – as I said, the bulk of such boxes is built without linearization only an option for listeners with small-capacity tube amplifiers.

Our hearing test started then with a slightly more potent combination, just getting fresh in our listening room, we had a setup of Accuphase. Placing the needle in the groove I’ve gone to lower the massive volume.

Goodness, the Eros-9 HAVE EFFICIENCY!

After some experimentation, I decided to adjust the speakers on the listening position angle – the tweeter can be adjusted by the direction of radiation to dispense finely without causing discoloration is sneaking in. So the Eros-9 is one for the size and efficiency amazing disciplined box, that shows tonal no fault.

Really amazing: I have almost never come to a more neutral box of this magnitude. A certain woodiness in the midrange was gone after a while – you should be aware be about that PA driver in new condition and their break in will take time, to reach the right of their operating parameters.

A break in time of 500 hours is reported by salesman. (!)

This can happen with occasional listeners to be a time of years.
Well, no danger, frankly not at all:
with the Eros-9 you will not stay an occasional listener, so much the big box will cast a spell on you.

There are the almost inexhaustible reserves by this speaker which fascinates.
At normal levels and dynamic proportions the Thivan speaker is very good. But at high volumes you just feel the power of huge membrane surface, then still every level jump goes along, when all commercial hi-fi boxes loose their wings.
You can also see higher volumes that the slightly falling treble range, together with the quite wide and uniform radiation characteristics of the tweeter, the sound is not at all as dissecting precisely as most other horns do.
Despite all accuracy and holography delivered there is always air around the contours, so to speak the accuracy of a horn, associated with the naturalness of a very good calotte and the energy of an air-motion transformer.

Underneath is the big woofer, it does up to the midrange a more more than decent job – the deep bass slightly falling down to low frequencies gives in the living room exactly the right thing: dry bass by the coupling to the ground until clearly under 40 Hertz is enough – for the limitless dynamics of electronic music as well the right thing.

Thomas Schmidt

Measurements comment
Very balanced frequency response with one slightly falling highs.

Extremely good omnidirectional behavior. The easy unrest about the overall frequency band is due to the hardly damped high efficiency drivers.

The in the open field environment already very early declining bass level is compensated in the listening room.

The resonance behavior is for one so large box despite economical damping considerable – The distortion values are record-breaking low.

The impedance curve we have – as a suggestion
for single-ended tube amplifiers – with an absorption circuit of 15 uF, 10 ohms and 0.18mH linearized.



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